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Technical Analysis for beginner and Intermediate :-

Course Objective – To comprehend you with the various trading techniques to trade like professionals and a successful career with it. The course covers technical analysis from the basis to the most advanced levels, utilizing techniques and high probability chart patterns used by professional traders and market.

Level – Beginner to Intermediate.

Fee- 18500 + GST

Duration: 2 months

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis program is all about gaining wisdom and practical experience. In order to become a professional trader or a smart investor, it is mandatory to have knowledge from basic to advanced concepts of trading such as risk management, chart reading, trading strategies, money management, and more.

Therefore, we, at ChartKing, have come up with technical analysis course where you can learn plenty of trading techniques and become a successful trader with a blooming career. Our experts have designed basic to advanced levels categorised in modules, which make learning and practicing simpler.

Importance of Technical Analysis Course ?

Technical analysis is essential to forecast the future movements of price as per the past movements in the stock charts. Analysis in such cases helps an investor to make sound decisions on investment and trading. Getting into our course and related Technical Analysis Workshops will give you an insight into the investment zone along with a practical exposure. We are sure you will gain confidence and will be able to call yourself an independent trader once you complete the course. Also, you will be able to predict the prices and create strategies all by yourself. Grab this opportunity and reap huge benefits from it!

Advantages of Technical Analysis Course ?

There are plenty of advantages by taking up a technical analysis course. Some of them include:

  • Interactive learning experience: We make sure that every candidate coming to us leaves with a smile on the face and confidence in his heart that he has learned something valuable. Our faculty members don’t just give theoretical lessons but also offer practical lessons so that every candidate knows what is waiting in the real world.
  • Experienced Faculty: We have an experienced team of professional mentors at ChartKing who will ensure that every candidate excels in technical analysis course and becomes a successful trader.
  • Regular classes and workshops: Our mentors see that there is a flow in the learning process; therefore we conduct regular classes and workshops and see that there is a systematic methodology being followed.

Who can attend Technical Analysis Course?

Any person who wishes to step into the trading world, has less or no knowledge about the terminologies and methodologies and therefore it is advisable for them to enrol into a technical analysis course. Not just traders and investors, even people who want to become a research analyst or technical experts can get valuable learning experience from the course and Technical Analysis Workshops.

What you will get after the course?

After you complete the course, you can call yourself an independent trader as you will have good knowledge for creating strategies and making predictions. You will be confident enough to crack the exams and upgrade your CV as well

What will we provide after class?

We have only about 10 students in each class as we believe in offering them personalised help. Our mentors will encourage them at every step of the way and will get them involved in a lot of practical sessions. In a period of 2 months, you will see a transformation from a beginner to an intermediary person in the trading field.

Waste no more time and join the technical analysis course to reap the benefits!

Modules in Technical Analysis Course

Module 1 – Introduction.

  • Fundamentals and basics of Trading Analysis
  • Technical analysis - an essential part of stock market analysis
  • Basic concepts of technical analysis

Module 2 – How does technical analysis works.

  • Prospect Theory and Asset Pricing

Module 3 – Constructing and interpreting charts.

  • Types of Charts - line, bar, candlestick, point and figure, heikin ashi candle, Renko chart and Three Line Break chart
  • How does charts relate to market moves?
  • Important concepts (trend, support, resistance, volume, gaps, reversal , continue)
  • What are trend lines
  • What is the purpose of drawing trend lines?
  • How to plot trend lines

Module 4 – Chart patterns and their study.

  • Description of common patterns on candle and all charts
  • Patterns on candlestick charts patterns
  • Single, double and triple candlesticks
  • Quantitative testing results for patterns

Module 5 – Introduction to technical indicators.

  • Most popular indicators on Technical concept
  • What does a technical indicator offer?
  • Why too use indicators
  • Types of indicators
  • Leading indicator
  • Lagging indicator
  • Moving averages
  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential moving average
  • How to trade on moving averages
  • RSI indicator
  • What is momentum?
  • Calculation of the RSI
  • Divergence
  • How to trade on RSI
  • Stochastic
  • Overview and construction
  • How to trade on stochastic
  • MACD
  • What is the MACD and its calculation?
  • How to trade on MACD?
  • Bollinger bands
  • Rules for beginners
  • How to trade on Bollinger bands
  • How to use multiple indicators

Level – Intermediate levels

Module 1 – Testing technical indicators

  • Designing the test as a trading strategy
  • Outcomes for popular indicators

Module 2 – Other indicators

  • Market Sentiment (CBOE volatility index (VIX), NYSE High and Low surveys, insider buying and selling)
  • Breadth (advance decline, % stocks above a moving average)

Module 3 – Relative strength

  • Comparative relative strength (momentum anomaly to the Efficient Market Hypothesis)
  • Combining relative strength with fundamentals (value anomaly to the Efficient Market Hypothesis)

Module 4 – Technical theories for successful trading strategy

  • Background and Principles of
  • Dow Theory
  • Cycle analysis
  • Elliott wave theory
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Inter market analysis

Batches - Each batch is limited to maximum 10 students, so that everyone gets individual attention of the instructor.

Giveaways - Study Materials and membership

Waste no more time and join the technical analysis course to reap the benefits!

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