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Pro- option trader :-

Pro-option Trader - a comprehensive course, which covers from basic concepts to in-depth understanding of complex options market. Course contents designed after extensive research to provide step wise and complete knowledge to newcomer as well as existing options trader. After taking up this unique course, trader will be able to have a deep understanding of derivative segment and integrate options with their daily trading practice. A valuable addition to your current trading regime and better money management skill will be added after taking up this module.

Fee- 15000

Duration: 2 months

What is Pro-option Trader Course ?

Pro-option trader is an all-inclusive course that covers basic to advanced levels of complex market options. The course is designed by the experts after performing comprehensive research. There are modules in the course that offer comprehensive knowledge to both new and existing traders in the industry. The pro-option trader program offers in-depth understanding of integrate options and derivate segment through daily practical exposure. Our faculty will not just teach technical tools but will also help you how to figure out the under-priced/overpriced feature to maximise profits. In addition to this, the strategies to identify entry/exit points will also be taught.

Importance of Pro-option Trader Course

The pro-option trader course is a 2 month course designed in 7 modules. Every module offers insight into essential aspects of trading such as derivative products, mysteries related to trading, investment terminologies, certain strategies, and how to point out the difference between stock options and index options. The students will get to know many critical aspects of the trading world through which they can get a confidence to get into the trading zone professionally. This program and its related Pro-option Trader Workshops will help you become a professional in a very short time.

Advantages of Pro-option Trader Course

Some of the benefits that you can gain from pro-option trader course from ChartKing include-

  • Risk management: Our faculty will teach you how to manage the risks in terms of strangles, butterflies, straddles, tactics, condors, and more.
  • Professional mentors: We have experienced and professional mentors who will offer you theory lessons and give you a peep into the practical world of trading as well.
  • Workshops: We will conduct regular workshops where you can learn a lot of valuable concepts from the trading world.
  • No restrictions: There are no stringent rules for the admission of a candidate. The admission process is simple and invites anybody who has an interest in trading and investment world.

Who can attend Pro-option Trader Course?

Anyone who is passionate to get into the investment field and who wants to make a career in trading can enrol in the course and get valuable learning experience. In addition to this, if you wish to become a research analyst, a trade faculty member, or an investor by yourself, then you can attend the classes and gain good knowledge from it. Irrespective of your age and background, the candidate can join the pro-option trader program and reap benefits from it.

What you will get after the Pro-option Trader Course course?

This is a distinctive course that will teach you different options of a trading concept. From beginner level to the intermediary level, you will be able to grasp a lot of know-how about investment and very soon you can be a proficient person and build a successful career. Of course, your confidence level will rise up which will help you flourish.

What will we provide after class?

Our faculty members at the institute will offer study materials, support, and teach you the power of making money. We have only 10 students per class so that the mentors can have a better interaction with everyone on an individual level. Also, you can attend the exam and become a professional in the investment world. So, enrol Pro-option Trader Workshops now and do not waste your precious time!

  1. Why derivatives?
  • Introduction
  • Myths Vs Reality
  • Liquidity and impact costs
  • Honeybee vs Moneybee
  • Technical analysis with derivatives
  1. Derivative products
  • Future and Options
  • Margins, settlement and cost of carry
  • Options Terminology
  • Payoffs
  • Options formulations and models
  • Synthetic options
  • Future Vs Options
  1. Options: Mystery Unlocked
  • Options Pricing
  • Options Greeks
  • Using Options Calculator
  • Time Value Concept
  • Long Term Vs Short term Options
  • Money management in options
  1. Greeks simplified
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Vega
  • Rho
  1. Options writing Vs option buying
  • Who is the winner?
  • Factors to look before writing
  • Analyzing option chain and open interest
  • Volatility smiles and skews
  • Choose guard before jumping
  • Covered Call for regular earning on portfolio
  • Risk management
  1. Options Strategies:

(I) According to market

  • Bullish scenario
  • Bearish scenario
  • Sideways scenario
  • Special situations

(II) Popular strategies

  • Straddle/strangle
  • Butterfly
  • Condor
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Diagonal/vertical Spreads
  • Ladder
  • Condor
  • Spreads/Ratios

  1. Difference of behavior between Index options and stock options

Put call ratio and option pane theory

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