Price Cluster Ratio Analysis Programme

Price Cluster Ratio Analysis Programme

2 days -Price Cluster Ratio Analysis Programme.


1st Day:

  • 1) Fibonacci Numbers and Ratio.
  • 2) Extension zones and it's importance.
  • 3) Fibonacci Retracements and its applications.
  • 4) Types of price destination.
  • (a) Projection
  • (b) Extension
  • (c) Expansion
  • 5) How to apply fibonacci and extension.
  • 6) Trend identification on based of price cluster.

2nd Day:

  • 1) Price Trade Setups.
  • 2) Types of Price Cluster.
  • (a) 3- Zones
  • (b) 7- Zones
  • 3) Symmetry Trade Setups.
  • 4) Time and Price Trade Setups.
  • 5) Cluster Analysis.
  • 6) Price Action - Trade Entry, Protective Stop loss and destination.

Programme Schedule & Duration

2 Days Weekend programme

Morning 09.00 AM to Evening 05.00 PM

Ahmedabad 11 & 12 May

Pune 25 & 26 May

Programme Fee : ( Rs. 15,000 ) Pay Now

What will get after training?

  • 1) Lifetime support during market hours.
  • 2) A free online class for report your session.
  • 3) Get our trading ideas with studies during live markets.
  • 4) We will add you our WhatsApp premium groups and there you will get studies and charts, trade as a free.

Advantage of learning about Price Clusters

  • 1) Identification of trend and trend reversal from demand and supply zone.
  • 2) Impulsive and corrective both trends are almost same from their previous moves ,so that you can measure the trend and maturity.
  • 3) It work in all time frames and can apply in intraday and positional trading.
  • 4) According to Price Clusters we can put calculated risk and reward with good protective stop.
  • 5) Price Cluster gives the trading and investing root for managing your trading capital and portfolios.
  • 6) Predict the future trend and time with confidence, and many more advantages you will get after learning about price clusters.

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Cancellation Policy.

You cannot cancel your programme booking once the registration is done.

  • However, you can postpone your workshop only ONCE in next available schedule on your location.
  • To postpone your workshop, you will have to inform us minimum 7 days prior to workshop date via email to
  • No refund will be given if you do not attend the Programme.

Consent- I understand that, this event is only for educational purpose and where stocks/company names are mentioned, these are not Recommendation of any kind and I will be fully responsible for my own actions.