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Delhi Workshop

Delhi Workshop

Wave Technical Analysis with Options for Professional Traders

Program Eligibility

This program is designed for traders as well as investors those who have some basic knowledge of stock market and trading. Anyone can apply for this program who has trading/investment experience of minimum 6 months.

Program Schedule & Duration

4 Days Weekend Program (Saturday & Sunday)

Morning 9.00 AM to Evening 6.00 PM ( With Lunch & Tea Breaks)

Scheduled : 17-18 Feb 2018

                        24-25 Feb 2018

(Venue details will be send at your Email/WhatsApp after final registration payment)

Program Fee ( Investment )

Original Investment--Rs.45000 + GST =Rs.53100

Early Bird offer Rs. 40000 + GST=Rs.47200


Program Fee Includes all 4 days Lunch,Tea/Coffee (Morning & Evening) and Course Written Material

Program Highlights
  • Waves and Options Studies 
  • Proven chart analysis method
  • Powerful candlestick patterns analysis
  • Unbelievable Ratio Analysis
  • Techniques of Trade, Portfolio Planning
  • Day Trading, Swing Trading
  • Selective and Important topics from Wave Study and Options Study


Syllabus Details – Wave Analysis
    • 1. Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory
    • 2.Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling
    • 3.Essential Tenets of Wave 
    • 4.All  Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave
    • (i) Diagonal 
    • (ii) Extension 
    • (iii) Truncation 
    • 5.How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators. 
    • 6. Essential  Correction construction of Wave. 
    • (i) Zig - Zag 
    • (ii)Flat 
    • (iii) Triangle 
    • (iv) Combination (Double and Triple)
    •  6. Guidelines of Wave Formation  
    • (i) Alternation 
    • (ii) Wave Equality 
    • (iii) Channeling
    • (iv) Volume 
    • 7. Ratio Analysis and Fibonacci Sequence
    • (i) Retracement
    • (ii) Retracement in Impulse
    • (iii) Retracement in Corrective
    • 8.Wolfe Wave Theory 
    • (i) Introduction 
    • (ii) Types of Wolfe Wave 
    • (iii) Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave 
    • (iv) Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave 
    • 9. Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave
    • (i) Difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.
    • (iv) Rule of Corrective  Waves
    • 10. Wave Development in all time frame.


      Option Analysis.  


    • 1. Why Derivatives ?
    • (i) Introduction 
    • (ii) Myths Vs Reality
    • (iii) Liquidity and Impact of Castes
    • (iv) Honeybee Vs Moneybee
    • (v) Technical Analysis with Derivatives 
    • 2.Derivative Products 
    • (i) Future and Options
    • (ii) Margins, settlement  and Cost of Carry
    • (iii) Option terminology
    • (iv) Payoffs
    • (v) Synthetic Options
    • (vi) Option Formulations and Models
    • (vii) Future and Options
    • 3. Option: Mystery Unlocked
    • (i) Option Pricing 
    • (ii) Option Greeks 
    • (iii) Using Option Calculator
    • (iv) Time Value Concept 
    • (v) Long Term Vs Short Term Options 
    • (vi) Money Management  in Options
    • 4. Option Strategies According to  Market.
    • (i) Bullish Scenario
    • (ii) Bearish Scenario
    • (iii) Sideways Scenario 
    • (iv) Special Event 
    • (v) Popular Strategies 
    • (vi) Straddle / Strangle
    • (vii) Butterfly
    • (viii) Ladder 
    • (ix) Condor
    • (x) Spreads / Ratios


Online Payment Details

I understand that I will have to pay Rs. 47200/- ( Only for those who will pay before 31st  December 2017 ) and I will pay through 

Online NEFT / IMPS

Cheque (Cheque Favouring Chartking Institute Private Ltd)

Cancellation Policy

You cannot cancel your program booking once the registration is done.

* However, you can postpone your workshop only ONCE in next available schedule on your location. 

* To postpone your workshop, you will have to inform us minimum 7 days prior to workshop date via email to

* No refund will be given if you do not attend the Program.

Consent- I understand that, this event is only for educational purpose and where stocks/company names are mentioned, these are not Recommendation of any kind and I will be fully responsible for my own actions.