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Pune Workshop

Pune Workshop

Basic Technical Course

Program Eligibility
Program Schedule & Duration

3 Day Weekend Program(Saturday &Sunday,Monday)

Timings      10 am – 5 pm with Lunch and High Tea

Date   – 01 Dec To 03 Dec 2018

Venue     Pune, Maharashtra 411021

Program Fee ( Investment )

Original Investment-- Rs.25000+18% GST Only

**Book your seat with 50% (12500) of registration amount




You can pay through credit card, debit card or net banking using this link.

Program Highlights

Takeaways of the Workshop

1 Understanding and Applying Concepts to Real Life Trades

2 Success rate of over 65%*

3 Design Unique Trading Strategy

4 Research based Content

5 Benefits of the Chartking Membership

Exclusive Membership to Students Trading Group*

1 Query Support for Chart Study.

2 Free Trade Mentorship for 6 months

3 Subsidised refresher course.


1 A laptop with data card,

2 A notebook,

3 Blue,Green and Red Pens

Syllabus Details – Wave Analysis

1st Day

(i). Selection of time frame for Intraday/ Swing/ Positional and Investing.  

(ii). Price action concept for finding reversal and continues trend.

(iii). Applying Fibonacci Extension Ratios 

(iv) Price clusters zones 

(v) Symmetry trend in both Impulse and Correctio

2nd Day

(i) Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory

(ii)Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling

(iii)Essential Tenets of Wave 

(iv)All  Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave

(a) Diagonal 

(b) Extension 

(c) Truncation 

(iv).How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators. 

(v) Essential  Correction construction of Wave. 

(a) Zig - Zag 


(c) Triangle 

(d) Combination (Double and Triple)

 3rd day

Wolfe Wave Theory 

(i) Introduction 

(ii) Types of Wolfe Wave 

(iii) Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave 

(iv) Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave 

 (v) Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave

(vi) Difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.

(vii) Rules of Corrective  Waves

(viii) Wave Development in all time frame.

More Advanced Time Cycle Pattern

(a) High to High

(b) Low  to Low 

(c) High to Low

(d) Low to High

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